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Alfa Plus welcomes you to the world of corporate communication! To a world where the image of each company is the combination of its quality characteristics and the means for their promotion. With the times creating a mixture of material and virtual framework of communication, every business can convey and promote its image, not only through the material it has at its disposal, but also through the story that is directly connected to it.

This is the code of communication both for the developed and well-established companies in their field, and -and perhaps even more- for the new entrepreneurship, in its efforts to create moments of communication, through which it will consolidate its image and convey to partners and customers its own superiority over its common competition.

Thus, every object, which bears the identity of the company it “represents”, is the means that reflects its characteristics and shapes an additional framework of connection, through the story that it has to tell in the hands of its recipient.

Alfa Plus

Alfa Plus was founded in 1998 and since its establishment until today, its main goal is to contribute to the formation of the communication framework of each company, through the creation of its representative promotional material, in the categories of promotional gifts, business gifts and items of any promotional activity.

Through our consulting services and the many years of experience in the field, we approach every collaboration with a comprehensive vision, defining the framework that perfectly serves the real needs, the style and ideal communication materials, through a wide range of products, many of which are available exclusively for the Greek market.

The framework of
our cooperation

Each collaboration with us is defined by 4 main axes, which are the pillars of the Alfa Plus philosophy and characterize all the parameters related to the provision of our services and products.


In order to offer you superior quality products, we have carefully selected the raw materials and the factories in which they are processed.

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They are not just products, if they have got your logo on them. It is your logo, so it has to be the perfect product, printed perfectly!


From production to customer, the respect for people and the environment are at the heart of our concern.

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Through our services and products we form bonds of trust. Alfa Plus does not aim to act as a mere agent of its customers, but to always be professionally by their side, so that, by researching the characteristics of each project, we can build a complete framework of cooperation and operate as part of their own company, in the field of communication and promotion of identity, but also their competitive features, with a complete marketing strategy for their business and promotional gifts, as well as for all its material promotional means. Are you ready to upgrade your corporate image, through a unique experience in the world of contemporary communication and promotion?

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