Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

When you are looking for a promotional product to carry your logo, you want it to be compliant with European law and if possible a more sustainable option than just a traditional plastic give-away. But then the question arises, what is a more sustainable option? With thousands of promotional products available and a lot of discussions about what is sustainable and what is not, we have opted to look at our Green Concept from the Reduce - Reuse - Recycle perspective.


many promotional products are made of different types of plastics. By selecting products that have reduced plastic content, for instance, because they are made of a mix of natural fibres and plastics, you are contributing to the reduction of the overall amount of plastic used.


we believe this is one of the most important messages you can give with a promotional product. Reuse the items for a long time. More countries are banning single-use plastics like cups and cutlery. Reusable coffee mugs support this sustainable target and are a great canvas for your brand. The same applies to cotton or jute totes instead of plastic bags.


we are constantly incorporating products made of recycled materials into our collections, such as recycled paper products, recycled PET products, even pens made of recycled bottles. When looking at recycling, the possibility of recycling after use must also be put in perspective. There is, for instance, plastic that is designed to degrade under industrial or domestic compost conditions. Recycling is a long transitional process which will go step by step and there will constantly be more and more choices for sustainable promotional products.